Combating The Holiday Blues

During the winter holidays, it is a time to celebrate and get together with family and friends. However, for many people it is a stressful time of the year. The stress and pressure may come from unrealistic expectations for you to enjoy the holidays. Stress can be related to expectations to having a good time with family and friends. Financial strains can be related to gift giving. Loneliness, and sadness can be  related to feelings of a  loss, a break up of a relationship, death of a parent, feelings of being alone, and depression. Steps toward  combating the holiday stress and blues.

1- Social and community support can be helpful during this time of year.

2-Getting together with supportive friends and family members.

3. Be self-reflective and set new constructive goals.

4. Giving to others. It can be emotionally fulfilling to help others in need.  For example, shopping for an  elderly neighbor,  help in a homeless  shelter, read to children or an elderly person.

5. Choose gifts that are meaningful and within your financial budget. The thoughtfulness and sincerity of the gift is most meaningful.

6. Be active and remember to nurture and nourish yourself. For example, take a walk around the city,  go the gym, a movie, a day spa, a museum, or a day trip.

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